15 pieces of advice I wish I had been given before graduating computer science

I’m not sure if I’m even qualified to give advices but lets say these are based on my top mistakes

1- Be open to learning everything even the tools and technologies you don’t like.

2- The best way to learn a new thing is to use it.

3- Learn as many languages as you want BUT always have this one language you excel at. And by excel at I mean a language your googling/typing ratio with it is 1 Search / 100 LOC or less

4- Read books and fat references. Get the concrete big picture and not only the “Up and Running” version

5- Invest alot of time planning for your first job.

6- Ask for feedback frequently and use those feedbacks

7- Learn about the market needs

8- Take good care of your resume. Develop it iteratively and take industry feedback whenever you can

9- Algorithms and Data Structures is 50% boost in your career and sometimes more. So Practice, practice, practice

10- Work life balance is not a choice. By overworking you are not necessarily over achieving

11- Avoid Imposters and beware of falling into the dunning kruger effect. Always remember, you are not there yet.

12- Ask others about how they achieved what they achieved. Get insights from your peers and ask for feedback.

13- Networking and maintaining good work relations are not luxuries. Career is not only about being a good coder.

14- Maintain a Trello board (or basically any other board) of your plans and achievements. Monitor your performance

15- Eat healthy and workout. Your health is important not only for your productivity but also for your overall happiness. Nobody wants to spend the day at hospitals

Essam Hassan

Essam Hassan

A pragmatic software engineer, cyber security enthusiast and a Linux geek. I curse at my machine on a daily basis. My views are my own.
Zurich, Switzerland